View of Long Beach, the Port of LA, and the LB Convention Center

Long Beach, California is a place that I am quickly falling in love with because the area embraces motorsports with open arms and you can do just about everything you need without a car.

Crazy I know, being a huge car guy, a BMW evangelist, and all around racing junkie and I’m singing the praises of a place that I DON’T use a car. Oh well, it’s true.

There are always festivals and events going on. The Long Beach Convention Center stays busy with conferences and events. And, the area around Pine Street, the Aquarium, and Shoreline Village are great locations to get great food and enjoy good drinks with friends.

So I dug around on the Internet looking for more ways to enjoy Long Beach and I ran across lots of port webcams. But, during my tireless searching, I ran across a really cool and unique view that looks over the Long Beach Convention Center into the Port of Long Beach and Los Angeles.

Here’s a still image I grabbed for this post. Just look at the blue in the sky and the wispy white clouds. The cranes in the Port can be seen in the background.

PortCam Long Beach

Here is the link if you want to check out the live PortCamLongBeach.

Please feel free to leave a comment below with any great links to other webcams showing off great views. Enjoy!