Tooting My Own WordPress Developer Horn with the New SMCLA Website

I want to share a personal success story. Or, at least, I really feel that it is a personal success. First, I’ll give a bit of supporting details so this story will sound even more impressive.

The SMCLA Website Story

Stephen smiley faceDigital media and social media happen to be BIG parts of my life. I run a digital consulting company (Harvester Solutions) and I help SMB size companies figure out how to utilize the Internet to make business life better. To stay on top of all things in my industry, I am a member of Social Media Club LA. This is a group of digital marketing, social media, Internet folks here in Los Angeles that have monthly events ranging from panel discussions with industry experts to super-fun networking happy hours. The “Club” has lots of regular events and is a talented group of helpful professionals.

SMCLA, like most organizations that want to promote themselves on the Internet, has a website. The site when I joined the “Club” was extremely dated and in dire need of a facelift. After all, it is called “social media” club and the image needs to reflect latest trends. The updating conversation around the website ebbed and flowed for about two year until I was re-elected to the Social Media Club LA Board of Directors in 2015 as a Communications Associate Director. Having WordPress love and experience, I was instantly tasked with the SMCLA website update, revamp, facelift, reconstruction.

That job seemed a bit daunting because I love and preach the greatness of WordPress, but I am by no means a code wrangling, Mello-Yello drinking, WordPress developer. I consider myself a full-blown evangelist, but not a coder. However, I knew the benefits of a fresh, updated website since I work with digital concepts everyday and took on the SMCLA website revamp with only slight apprehension coupled with a huge desire to make the site BETTER.

Along with a new look and feel, added functionality was requested by the Board. Being able to post and search for social media and digital marketing jobs was something that the Board felt would be a great value-add to SMCLA members and to others in the marketing community. So, I made it happen.

Turning to the fabulous WordPress community (Gregg Franklin and Adam Silver in particular), I found a WordPress plugin that would enable the ability to upload, search, and manage job listings on the SMCLA website. I’ll give a quick shoutout to the plugin because it is such a great fit for my needs: WP Job Manager. After some valuable information from Gregg and Adam I was able to install the plugin, get it configured for the Club’s website, get it tested, and finally live on the new SMCLA website by the Board imposed deadline. Yay! – because that meant good times and praise from the Board for me.

The site has been live for three weeks at the time of this post and things are going well. Please take a look at the new SMCLA website and dig into the “Jobs” tab. This is where you have the ability to upload a job opportunity and/or search for a social media position. Feel free to explore other areas of the website to learn more about what Social Media Club LA does in the Los Angeles area. And, leave comments about the new site below in the comments or send SMCLA an email.

If you feel that I can help you get a WordPress website updated and functioning the way you need it to, then please feel free to contact me. I thoroughly enjoy all aspects of the Internet and helping others understand how to leverage them too.