How Do You Sharpen a Disposable Razor? This explains how.

How can you sharpen a disposable razor? Or a better question, Can you sharpen a disposable razor? Well the simple answer is YES, yes you can. And, it is a pretty simple thing to do. I dont know if you have ever been in old school barbershop where they offer the straight razor shave service, but if you have, you would have probably noticed a piece of heavy cloth hanging somewhere around the barbers chair.

That’s the magic! That piece of heavy cloth, or cotton denim, is the tool that will enable a disposable razor to be sharpened. And, not only sharpened, but the life of the razor will be dramatically increased.

Denim material for sharpening a disposable razor

Use denim pants to sharpen a disposable razor

Here’s what I did to get my piece of heavy cloth…I pulled a pair of the best work pants I know of out of the drawer. My Carhartt pants are the perfect weight of material to get a good, sharp edge back on that expensive disposable razor.

The process of sharpening a disposable razor is an easy process to follow and master. It is just like any other blade sharpening process and requires some even, smooth strokes of the blade over the sharpening surface, aka Carhartt work pants or blue jeans.

Here are the steps in the process that I used to bring a new, sharp edge to my disposable razor.

  1. Acquire some heavy denim cloth. In my case, a pair of Carhartt work pants did the trick, but using a pair of old jeans would probably work well too.
  2. Lay the material (pants) flat on the bathroom counter top or other larger flat area. Try to get the material as flat and smoothed out as possible because it will make the razor sharpening process go “smoothly”.
  3. Take the dull disposable razor with the blade down against the denim material (pants) and rub it 10 – 15 times in the opposite direction you would if you were shaving. NOTE: you do not want to “shave” the denim material and that is why you go the opposite direction from normal shaving moves.
  4. This technique works great for dull or blunt disposable razors. However, it still can improve the performance of the razor even if it is super dull and been used a whole lot. Simply use the technique described above but increase the number of times from 10 or so to 100+. That sounds like a lot, but the time goes by fast, the effort isn’t too bad, and the cost savings is great!

I told you that is was simple and easy to sharpen a disposable razor. Check out the quick video below to get a more visual explanation of the blade sharpening process.