Motorsports Addiction Leads to Printful Solution

As you are probably well aware… I have a huge affinity for motorsports and the cool stuff that surrounds it. And, as you may also be aware, I am a tech guy that makes a living helping others find solutions to digital needs. So, I have been thinking of ways to blend both worlds and came up with a solution. Use Printful and WooCommerce to make an online store.

A little background – for whatever reason, I have always felt that a passive income stream selling swag via the Internet would be a great path to venture down. Well, I’ve meandered down that moss covered path. I pulled together a WordPress website, acquired a domain name, and set up an e-commerce solution to sell t-shirts. Yes, it is in place and working now. (Look at the bottom of the post for deets)

Here is a step-by-step overview of the process with links so you can put together a solution similar to this if desired. Full disclosure, the links are affiliate links but they benefit you as much as me. For example, some of the links will get a free month of service for both you and me. If that doesn’t float your boat, then just head to the resource by typing in the main part of the link address and hitting “go”.

Steps to Get Started with WooCommerce and Printful

  1. Register a domain name. Go to someplace like Hover, or GoDaddy, or your usual domain registrar. Get a name that describes what you want to sell but doesn’t make it too keyword stuffed.
  2. Get some web hosting space so the new e-commerce website has a home. I use InMotionHosting because they have excellent support and provide fantastic up-times.
  3. Download and install WordPress.
  4. Install WooCommerce.
  5. Register at and configure an account to connect to the WooCommerce platform.
  6. Create some products via Printful and push them to WooCommerce on the WordPress website.
  7. Promote the store via some online ads on Facebook or Google.
  8. Manage the website sales.
  9. Enjoy the added income.

This is the video I watched that got me the biggest push for setting things up. Chris Lema is a guru in the digital world and a guy that knows his stuff. Besides, he likes smoking cigars.

My Store with WooCommerce
Addicted to Motorsports Printful t-shirt mockup

Here is the store I started to sell motorsports related t-shirts to racing fans. It is called Cool Race Swag and I strongly encourage anyone that likes cars and racing to pay it a visit. You won’t be disappointed.

I highly encourage you to go down this same path if you want to do something like setting up a Printful account and creating an e-commerce store. Feel free to contact me if you start down the digital road and have questions. I’m happy to help!