AutoClub Speedway in Fontana, an Event Destination

AutoClub Speedway entrance

AutoClub Speedway in Fontana, CA is so much more than a 1-off NASCAR race. ACS is an event destination!

Motor Press Guild Event

I had the pleasure of touring the facility via another fantastic Motor Press Guild luncheon event. During the visit highlights were meeting key ACS staff, touring the awesome track facility, and taking a few hot laps around the 2-mile D-shape oval. The afternoon certainly turned into an event destination for me and was an experience that I’ll not soon forget.

Group MPG Photo at AutoClub Speedway

AutoClub Speedway is an Event Destination

Well, of course in March 2019 NASCAR will roll back into Fontana with a circus of motorsport that will WOW fans with all things NASCAR, but did you know there is a dragstrip at ACS too? And, it runs almost every weekend.

AutoClub Speedway drag strip

Holiday Lights

Last year saw the first running of the Magic of Lights. It was a HUGE success and will take place again this year. The dates are November 16 through December 31, 2018. It is a must-see drive-thru visual event for the entire family. Experience holiday lights in a uniquely ACS way that you’ll think about all year long.

Go-kart Track

Are you an aspiring racing driver? Do you want to get world-class exposure and experience? Do you want to drive hot little rockets around a karting track? Well, Auto Club Speedway has all that covered right next to the main race track. ACS provides the go-kart track and time to up’n’coming race car drivers that want to hone their race-craft and strive to be their best.

And, if the Lights, the karting, all the awesome racing weren’t enough… AutoClub Speedway draws in some of the biggest acts for live concerts. ACS transforms into a music destination for various genres of musical entertainment.

Statistics are always a great way to put things into perspective. While riding around the track facility getting the tour and seeing some cool “behind-the-scenes,” it was hard to get a feel for the actual size of the place. It certainly felt big but seeing the next image will certainly put things into perspective. It absolutely shows how massive the AutoCLub Speedway campus actually is…

ACS vs Stadiums Comparison

Come Visit ACS

AutoClub Speedway is a huge facility (it can hold 15 major sports’ stadiums) and so much more than a NASCAR race once per year. The awesome track facility provides the means for fans of racing to experience some levels of drag racing as well as world-class karting opportunities. And, to make it MORE of an event destination, come experience holiday lights or a concert delivered by a global artist. ACS is a place you want to come visit at some point in time for something spectacular!


Ever wonder what it was like to drive into AutoClub Speedway? Drive around the side of the track and then underneath the track to pop out inside the infield area. Or, take a lap on the track with a professional race car driver? It is a great drive in and on-track so check them out on my YouTube channel – driving in and partial hot-lap.

Motor Press Guild – Reasons to Join

MPG press pass TGPLB 2018Why I Joined MPG

The Motor Press Guild has afforded me great motorsport opportunities along with meeting some really great people. Those are the two main reasons for me to officially join the auto journalists group at the first of this year. I encourage anyone that writes about cars to learn more about and join the Guild.

My start with the Motor Press Guild (MPG) began with one of my first Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach race month after moving to SoCal. I had the pleasure of running into Ed Jenks at a press event held by DHL for the first ever Formula E race in Long Beach. (Me and Formula E really hit it off well… read about my FE SuperFan experience) Ed welcomed me with open arms into the world of motorsports journalism. That warm welcome kept MPG on my mind.

Ran into Ed again the next few years and also met Tom Stahler. Tom is an outspoken character that is very passionate about all racing that requires gas. I was determined to join MPG after spending a few outings with the two of them. After expressing my desire to join MPG both of them offered to be my “sponsor”. The MPG application requires 2 active MPG members to vouch for you and also requires at least 3 published automotive writing examples. Yes, joining the Guild is a little more than paying money and saying you want in.

MPG Member Perks

Along with special outings at automotive events, MPG has monthly lunch-n-learns. These events are fantastic for meeting other like-minded car people. And, the topic choices are very relevant to anyone in the automotive journalistic world. March 2018 MPG luncheon topic was freelancing in the automotive journalist’s world. The panel consisted of both freelancer journalists and the editors that hire them. April 2018 is going to be based on the “Infotainment” options that are ruling the dashboards of new cars. Both topics are on point for what I want to know about in the car world.

Many more learning, driving, and networking activities are planned for the rest of the year. I look forward to using my MPG membership to broaden my professional automotive writing exposure and meet more great car people. Joining the Motor Press Guild is certainly a worthwhile investment and something I really wish I had done earlier. Don’t hesitate and join the Guild if you have even a small interest in the automotive journalism profession.