Stephen Harvey on KVUE News talking Formula 1 shuttles

Formula 1 shuttles interview

Formula 1 shuttles Austin Texas Stephen Harvey

Recently I had the opportunity to attend the 2013 US Formula 1 GP in Austin Texas. I went last year and thoroughly enjoyed the F1 experience that Austin gave to fans. This year was no different. There were problems with tickets and FanVision and trackside announcing of the F1 race, but the staff and vendors at the track were phenomenal. The people of Austin greeted F1 race fans with open arms and showed us all great hospitality. The Formula 1 shuttles were great despite the $5 per day per person rate increase from last year.

Going to the track on Saturday morning I was interviewed by local TV station KVUE. Take a look. I’m featured at 25 seconds in and then at min 1:21. If you don’t see a video, then refresh the page and it will probably appear.

Here is the full article on the KVUE site.