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Formula E Super Fan Stephen Harvey
The FIA Formula E New York City ePrix was amazing! And, it made me a happy motorsports fan to attend such a great race weekend in the Big Apple. I flew from Long Beach, California to New York for the inaugural NYCePrix double header weekend.

That’s right! I live in California and have followed Formula E since the all electric series was announced over 4 years ago. The Long Beach ePrix brought me great joy for 2 years. I volunteered both years in the eVillage so I could be closer to the action. It granted me the chance to talk with other people about how great FE is and what it is going to do for everyday vehicles. Seeing the latest in electric mobility and what is just around the corner regarding all aspects of driving made me an instant fan of Formula E.

Granted, when the season 3 schedule was published I was quite disappointed that Long Beach was nixed from the calendar. But, instead of bitching, I bought a plane ticket, made hotel reservations, and planned what to do on a long weekend in New York City. And, now that I’m back in LA, I have to say wholeheartedly that it was worth every penny and second I invested.

Back story… I was fortunate enough due to my online musings and constant social media posting to be invited by DHL Americas to attend the Friday press conference and pit lane walk at the Long Beach ePrix both years. They must have liked the online attention I brought to DHL because I got the invite to attend the Friday events in New York. It is such a privilege to meet, shake hands, get pics with, and hear from the people that make Formula E great.

A personal highlight on Friday for me was not meeting a particular person, but getting to see the DHL #effibot live and in action on the pit lane. The four wheeled cargo wonder just follows you around with stuff. It was really amazing to see.

And here’s a shot of me and Sam Bird (DS Virgin RE Team) as he was leaving the FIA tech station. Little did either of us know that Sam would win BOTH of the NYC double header weekend races and we’d both be on the podium stage at the end of Saturday’s race.

Great to get a pic with the winner of both #NYCePrix races, the talented Sam Bird from the DS Virgin FE team.

Posted by Stephen Harvey on Friday, July 14, 2017

And another celeb-fanboy shot. This time with super talented sports announcer Nicki Shields.

Friday at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal was a good day. But, nothing like what Saturday turned into…

Yes, the entire race was held at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal in Red Hook, Brooklyn. It was off the beaten tourist path and transportation was a bit tricky, but all went well. Formula E ran shuttles (more like full size coaches) from the Barclay’s Center and it made getting there and back relatively easy. There were quite a few local eateries and drinking establishments close by too that helped to pass the time after the race on Sunday. All in all the location felt quite nice and I enjoyed the experience.

Back to Saturday’s event… I mentioned supporting and helping Formula E when they were in Long Beach and that continued on with social media posts and blogging about the New York event too. My efforts did not go unnoticed. I can honestly say that because I was contacted by Formula E staff via Instagram message on Saturday. A phone call happened shortly after the IG message.

The phone conversation was brief but went like this…

Formula E: Hello Stephen, this is Formula E.
Me: Hey, how are you?
Formula E: Are you sitting down? We have a little surprise for you.
Me: Oh really, what is it?
Formula E: We would like to say thanks to you for being a Super Fan. And, want you to present one of the trophies to a driver on the podium today. Is that alright?
Me: <drops phone, begins to tear up, goes speechless for a few seconds, regains composure slightly>
Me: <broken voice> Thank you so much. You don’t know how special this is… of course… what do I need to do.
Formula E: We’ll get back in touch. Stay where you are for now.

Well that brief conversation made me the happiest motorsport fan ever! I saw the Super Fan in Berlin and how ecstatic he was on the podium never thinking that it would be me next. Being picked as the NYCePrix Formula E Super Fan is one of the biggest honors of my life thus far. It’s an experience I will always remember and cherish.

I was fortunate enough to have my better-half right there too! She got the Saturday race podium ceremony video’ed. Take a look and see the perma-grin on my face the entire time. Oh, and did I mention that I was up there next to Sir Richard Branson of Virgin fame.

Formula E Super Fan, Stephen Harvey, presents 3rd place trophy to Stephane Sarrazin of the TECHEETAH FE Team.

All-in-all Formula E is growing in size, popularity, and overall fan experience. The series will continue to grow as electric vehicles take further hold in our everyday commuting lives. I am pleased to be a part of such an innovative racing series that is conducted by a fantastic team of individuals dedicated to the success of the budding all electric race series.

I can honestly say the people in the next picture are a driving force behind the success of Formula E. They are part of the talented team that produces awesome electric racing events that thrill audiences. I can’t thank them enough for my fantastic NYCePrix experience.

Formula E has a dedicated fan in me and I will travel to see and be a part of everything involved with it. I encourage any race fan to do the same. Start exploring here: FIA Formula E and get hooked like I have on FE.

Electric Racing: Formula E 2016 Long Beach

It’s All About Electric Racing

Electric racing is Formula E and it came back to Long Beach, California again in 2016. On April 2, it made the 2nd appearance in Southern California and brought with it lots of innovation and motorsports. Formula E 2016 has done an excellent job bridging the divide that other motorsports have between fans and the series celebrities, i.e. drivers, teams, and series personalities. If you are a Formula 1 fan then you know what I am referring to.

Through my own personal experience, I have seen how drivers and key personnel in the Formula E circus make it easy for fans to interact with them. It is much appreciated and does wonders to promote the Formula E series and ensure it grows well into the future.

The local, on-the-ground marketing personnel from Formula E welcomed me and made me feel like part of a family. The OTG FE team members were excellent ambassadors for their sport through a range of wide reaching efforts. From their fantastic online work with Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to their in-real-life events at historic Olvera Street in downtown Los Angeles and at Cal State Long Beach, people were engaged.

I had the personal experience to meet Formula E driver Salvador Duran at the Olvera Street event. He and I chatted about Formula E being electric racing and how it’s driving the future of mobility. And, we discussed the new Gulf livery color scheme of his Amlin Aguri team race car. The color scheme looks great and it is nice to see a traditional petroleum company supporting an alternative fuel motorsport series.

Great pic with me and Salvador Duran from Amlin Auguri Formula E team

Electric racing with Salvador Duran Formula E driver

Last year my social media activity on Twitter got me noticed by DHL Americas. This year, like last, they invited me on a “Behind the Scenes” tour and pit walk. Here is where I was able to meet several Formula E and DHL personnel along with some drivers and team members. Everyone involved was extremely helpful and truly wanted others to be aware of what is happening with Formula E. There is certainly a theme surrounding the series and that is bettering mobility through innovation. This motorsports series is driving the development to better solutions with every race. It is fantastic to see a motorsport series want to entertain fans but also give back by helping people with mobility developments and ultimately solutions.

Formula E shots

Look through these and see for yourself how up close and personal Formula E can be.

Great seeing & chatting w/ @daniel_abt at the #dhlformulae #lbeprix "Behind the Scenes" tour

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If you can attend a Formula E event then I highly encourage you to do it. The money, time, and effort will be well rewarded. For information about upcoming races look on the FIA Formula E website.

Formula E in Long Beach Shocked Me! #DHLFormulaE

The brand new, all electric, FIA sanctioned racing series arrived in Long Beach, California on April 4th. I was shocked to learn how cool the cars are and how the Formula E series, along with DHL, are striving to make a difference with mobility and sustainability. The FE circus arrived earlier in the week, set up an entire event experience, and were gone by Sunday. Nothing less than fantastic and hopefully will make a return to Long Beach in the near future.

DHLFormulaE media kit for LBePrixMy Formula E experience started with an invitation from DHL Americas to take part in the Thursday #DHLFormulaE “Behind the Scenes” tour. We first met with Bea Garcia, Director of Media Relations for DHL Americas and Natascha Otero, Media Relations DHL Americas, then went over to the FIA Formula E Media Center to formally begin the “Behind the Scenes” tour. Upon arrival, Tom Phillips, Communications Manager FIA Formula E, met the group and ran through some quick sustainability facts regarding DHL and the Formula E series. Interesting to find that the FE series aims and obtains a “zero” carbon footprint. They are able to do this through a variety of measures, but most significant is the logistics of transporting all the equipment needed to conduct a global race series. DHL has much experience transporting large race series’ around the globe, i.e. Formula 1, and they have learned exactly what to do and what not to do so efficiency can be maximized.

Tom also mentioned that the generators that charge the batteries for all the Formula E cars are fueled with glycerine. I am not a scientist so there will be no technical explanation of the substance, but I will make a comparison for illustration. Looking at glycerine, it appears clear and has a molasses, olive oil consistency. We were told that it burns extremely cleanly and that helps with the zero carbon footprint. The next thing that Tom said was another shocker… he said you can eat glycerine and offered it to us. I dove my finger into the jar and covered it with the substance. Without hesitation (I’m not totally sure why however) I licked the glycerine off my finger. It does taste like Karo syrup or a very light molasses. This could possibly be an alternative sweetener, it was that sweet. Not really. And, I’m happy to report that I’m safe and feeling well several days later.

After the quick logistics and fuel info session, we all headed over to the ABT Audi Team garage to look at the cars and meet the team drivers, Daniel Abt and Lucas Di Grassi. This is where the cameras started rolling with stills and video. Look through the images and get excited about a racing series that is going to #drivethefuture of motorsport and transport for everyone.

Great social media captures showcasing the #DHLFormulaE in Long Beach

Here’s a Tweet from Danielle Crespo (@Danielle_Crespo) via Ed Jenks (@theEDJE) that captures me getting the shots and tweeting the news about #DHLFormulaE

Tom Phillips explaining about glycerine. This is about 2 minutes before I plunged my finger into the bottle that he is holding

Here is about 1 second after tasting the glycerine at the #DHLFormulaE #LBePrix #BehindtheScenes

What a great crowd for the Formula E race in Long Beach

Saw the Formula E Show Car in downtown Long Beach

Found the #DHLFormulaE #lbeprixshowcar again in dt #LongBeach

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A great shot of spare front wings for the Amlin Aguri Formula E team

The entire brake setup on the ABT Audi Formula E race car

Hellova brake on the #FormulaE cars #DHLFormulaE #LBePrix

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Whoops… saw the AndrettiFE car of Jean-Eric Vergne go by me in the eVillage at Formula E in Long Beach

For more of the motorsport action of Formula E in Long Beach check me out on Twitter and Instagram. I will be posting lots of pics and video along with updates about the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach and Formula Drift.

For all the info and deets online, be sure to follow any and all of these hashtags. Also, please add any I missed in the Comments section below. Thanks!

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