BMW at the LA Auto Show 2018

LA Auto Show 2018 - BMW The Los Angeles Auto Show is a premier vehicle showcase of the latest from automobile manufacturers. The 2018 LA Auto Show did not disappoint.

The LA Auto Show offered lots of new BMW’s for Bimmer-files (like myself) to take in this year. Lots and lots of beautiful Bimmers to gaze upon. They had everything from the BMW X7 debut, to the fan favorite, M5. I managed to get some video of the latest from BMW.

Walking through the LA Auto Show and into BMW mecca

The South Hall is where BMW made camp. Their area was huge and even had a competition ready BMW race car on a second floor overlooking the entire Hall. It was like walking through a corn row field filled with Bimmers. Really cool seeing the i8 too.

The BMW X7 debuts at the LA Auto Show

The new X7 is HUGE. It looks and feels bigger than an X5. The Bimmer sport ute resembles a Lincoln Navigator, but a whole lot nicer. Thinking that it would be much nicer to be driven around in this car than it would be to actually drive the behemoth around.

The BMW M5

The M5 is my all time favorite BMW. Not a fan of the red color but all the bells-n-whistles make up for a lack-luster shade. This is one of the ultimate “sleepers” right out of the box. Give me launch control and access to 600+/- horsepower and you’ll see a happy boy.

The LA Auto Show is a place for auto manufacturers to show off their latest duds. But for me it is where I can see the newest BMW’s. Come to the show for what ever reason you like: new cars, test rides, latest info, whatever! At the very least come and see lots of vehicle eye candy. It is a multi day event that should be experienced by anyone that is a car fan.

If innovative mobility solutions are more interesting, then check out my time at LA CoMotion last month.

BMW Ultimate Driving Experience Santa Anita Park Ca

The BMW Ultimate Driving Experience never fails to thrill and impress me. Santa Anita Park in California, with a backdrop of beautiful mountains and horse track, was a fantastic mini proving grounds. I certainly felt like an ultimate driver when I left there with a huge smile on my face.

BMW’s UDE didn’t make the rounds in 2016 because of the Olympic focus that BMW had being the official car of the games. So, seeing it again in 2017 after a year hiatus made the driving all that much better.

I went solo because of schedule conflicts, but others there had the same issues and arrived solo too. This worked out well because I was able to make friends quickly and get some pictures taken.

BMW Ultimate Driving Experience driver w Stephen Harvey

The staff, all the way from check-in to the instructors, were the utmost of professionals and always made you feel comfortable and welcome. They gave me the impression that their purpose was to ensure I had a great driving experience behind the wheel of a BMW. Just listen to the expert instructions from my UDE driving coach in the video… he was super patient and very helpful!


Posted by Stephen Harvey on Thursday, May 18, 2017

And, they showed me gracious hospitality with on-site food truck dining and a gourmet coffee stand manned with a barista making coffees to order. They even had a photo booth.

BMW Ultimate Driving Experience Stephen Harvey

A personal highlight for me was placing 6th fastest in my group of 21 drivers. I am far from a race car driver so actually going faster than the majority of the group made my BMW experience even better.

All in all, BMW once again crushed it with innovative marketing and getting people into cars. The best way to sell a car is to get someone to drive it. Being able to take an expensive performance vehicle around an autocross track in anger, that will seal a deal. If you want to have a whole lot of fun and potentially purchase a new BMW, then look for the BMW Ultimate Driving Experience when it comes to your neighborhood.

Here’s some more eye candy for ya…

So much fun playing with #BMW today. Thanks @bmwusa for an #ultimatedrivingexperience

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How Stephen Fell in Love with BMW

BMW Roundel Sephen HarveyThis might not be social media per se, but it is a really good BMW story. And, is that not really the core of what social media is, telling a story?!?

Here goes…why I am in love. I love the BMW brand. I love that it represents a car manufacturer that values the driving experience as much as I do. My desire for the driving experience struck me even before I could legally drive. It is a great story about a boy and a beautiful black BMW.

It was the mid 1980’s, I was a young boy not even old enough to drive yet, and my father’s friend called on Saturday afternoon. He wanted my dad to come over and see the car he had just purchased. My dad turned to me and said,  “Let’s go!” and we set off to see the wonderful new automobile.

We arrived at my dad’s friend’s house and talked in the driveway for a few minutes until the new car arrived. At the end of the driveway appeared a black, 4-door wonder of German engineering. It was the first time that I had seen a BMW up close and I was seriously impressed. As I mentioned, I was not even able to drive, barely knew the joy of driving, but I instinctively understood that this black BMW was AWESOME.

Lots of time has passed since then and I have continued to fall deeper in love with all motorsports. I returned to my home town after college and needed to acquire transportation. I let my dad know my car situation and, coincidentally, he had spoken with his old friend that had shown off the BMW many years earlier. The planets apparently were aligned just right and the gods were happy with me because the beautiful black BMW was up for sale. Various reasons in play, my dad’s friend needed to quickly part with the BMW. He knew that I had always been a huge fan of the BMW and wanted me to have first right of refusal. I pounced on the opportunity and we struck a great deal. Now the car that I fell in love with those many years ago was actually mine.

Since purchasing the 1984 E28 BMW I have found myself in love with the overall BMW Stephen Harvey BMWbrand. It represents teamwork, great engineering and a desire to deliver the “ultimate driving machine”. This is why I am in love with a BMW.

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