Sprinklr is AMAZING! And, Not Just Because of Their Fantastic Services

I had the most amazing experience with Sprinklr! Now, their software and management solutions that are cohesively kept together with [email protected] are AMAZING in themselves. However, I am talking about another dimension of Sprinklr and that is their internal hiring process.

The process is thorough, in depth, and a hellova experience from the interviewee’s side of the desk. I underwent that process and came out a much better job candidate than when I entered into it.

Mock Sprinklr presentation

A mock sales engineer presentation for my Sprinklr job interview.

A mock Sprinklr presentation job interview.

Here is what I felt compelled to create for the mock client pitch meeting that was my interview with the elite of the Sprinkr organization.

I have a huge affinity for motorsports and have spoken with BHA in the past. So, it was only natural for me to use BHA and Barracuda as the basis for my mock sales engineer presentation. I was given the time frame of 3.5 days to research Sprinklr’s service offerings, put together the PowerPoint presentation that aligned client needs to the services that Sprinklr offers that help meet those needs, and then present the mock sales engineer presentation to the team. I met the deadline with no issues.

Full disclosure, I did not land this particular job that I was interviewing for. However, I was told exactly why I was not fully considered for the position at Sprinklr along with an invitation to follow up with the interviewing manager in the next few months. That does not happen often, if ever, when out looking for gainful employment.

Overall, it was disappointing to not get what I feel would have been a dream job for me, but the experience and knowledge that I acquired going through the Sprinklr hiring process is invaluable information that I will definitely use in my future endeavors.

Side note: Sprinklr does do amazing things with enterprise level social media management. Please take a look at them if you are researching tools, services, great companies, etc to help with Fortune 100, enterprise level social media management and digital strategy help.