Red Bull GRC Series Port of LA Season Finale, the Fan Perspective

The Red Bull GRC Series made the final stop of the 2017 season in the Port of Los Angeles. It wrapped up another spectacular season of rallycross racing. As a recognized motorsports Super Fan, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to witness 600HP rockets fly around a dirt track and take jumps like racehorses. It was my third year attending and the GRC series never disappoints when making a stop in the Port of LA!

The Fan Perspective

As an up-n-coming motorsport fan journalist, I really appreciate the openness and ease of media relations that the Red Bull GRC Series enables. The entire staff are extremely helpful and honestly made me feel like they wanted me, as a journalist, to have an excellent experience. I feel this is also directly translated to the overall event and is extended to all GRC fans. Red Bull has once again conquered the event experience and provided a rich time for fans.

I thoroughly enjoy telling the story of a motorsports event from the fan perspective. Fans are what drive sports! (Pun intended). Showing and telling the fan story, as I experience it, hopefully, can show how motorsport events are a really good time. And, possibly encourage others to follow alternative racing events like Red Bul GRC Series, Formula E, and soon, Roborace.

Traditionally, the higher up the pay scale of the race series the more disconnected the drivers, team personnel, and overall series staff got from the fans. It gets close to the point (like in Formula 1) where the fans almost appear to be an inconvenience to the race event itself. Now, thanks in part to NASCAR’s success with fan interactions, other series are getting back to what actually makes them exist in the first place. Fans are basically why racing exists and continues, so it is quite invigorating to see other top-tier series embrace fans too.

Great Track View for Fans

This is a great panoramic shot of the entire track. It is the view that almost all the fans had to watch the on track action!

Season Finale Results

2017 Port of LA RBGRC podium

The entire Red Bull GRC series race season was dominated by the Andretti VW duo of Scott Speed and Tanner Foust. So it was no surprise that they ended the season on top of the podium. Foust took the Port of LA race win to finally get a race win in Los Angeles. And, Speed took his 3rd consecutive GRC Supercars championship.

Local Beer Perk

A great perk from the fan perspective was seeing 805 being served as the beer choice. Firestone Walker, a mid-California based craft brewery, was the sole beer provider. They came prepared with lots of attractive staff, 2 well tapped serving stations, and lots of swag to give out. I thought it was fantastic to have one of my favorite beers served and they are basically a local brew. This was good planning by Red Bull events to tie in a higher end beer choice with a local flare. My kudos to the team that decided to make that choice.

805 beer at Red Bull GRC Series in the Port of LA

The fan experience is only improved when access is granted to the paddock and pits area. Red Bull GRC Series has a very open pit and trailer area where lots of great inside shots can be taken of the 600 HP mini-beasts that scream around the course. I was fortunate enough to get a little behind the scenes and see some of the cars in their most stripped down, “DAMN! We gotta fix this thing!” condition Saturday after the Super Cars final.

RBGRC Paddock 2017 Port of LA - Tanner FoustRBGRC Paddock 2017 Port of LA - Scott Speed VW
RBGRC Paddock 2017 Port of LA - 1RBGRC Paddock 2017 Port of LA - 3

Red Bull GRC Series only improves from the fan perspective year over year. The cars are fast, the racing is dicey and exciting, and the Series gets what needs to be done for success. I encourage everyone who likes motorsports to check out this action-packed, “rocket” filled series. It starts all over again next year in April so put it on the racing calendar and tune in!