Motorsports Are Much More Fun with Social Media (Part 2)

I mentioned that motorsports are more fun with social media in the previous post. Now I want to show some more ways that motosport brands engaged with me at the Grand Prix in Long Beach.

The main place of interaction was in the LifeStyle Expo, but brands like SPAM and the Port of Long Beach managed to wrangle my attention while walking around and taking in the racing experience.

First, several brands like Continental Tire, Mazda, and Honda, vowed for motorsport fan attention with several picture opportunities with smiling faces. That’s always a good way to get people to pose and post.


Me with Corvette

Continental Tire

Me with Continental Tire


Me with Mazda TGPLB 2015


Me on Honda motorcycle
Then we ventured outside and got to engage with SPAM and the Port of Long Beach.

Me SPAM attacked

Me with SPAM TGPB 2015

Port of Long Beach

Port of Long Beach TGPLB 2015

I am a diehard motorsports fan that really enjoys incorporating his craft (online media) with his passion (motorsports) to have a rich experience. The next time you are at an event, look around and see how big brands and names are looking to interact with you. Try embracing them and have some fun!