LA Traffic Killed My Desire to Drive and Turned Me Onto Metro

I’m a car guy who loves motorsports and almost every aspect of automobiles and mechanized transportation… heck, I fell in love with a BMW before I could even drive. But, LA traffic killed my desire to drive, ever.

Driving something: a tractor, lawn mower, motorcycle, car, truck, whatever, has always been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Now, that has all changed. In the last year I’ve probably driven less than 20 hours total per month. And, in the past 6 months, I drive less than 8 hours per month. That might sound a bit sad coming from a person that absolutely loves cars and the art of driving, but Los Angeles will kill the drive to drive.

LA is a town that loves cars and has a strong, deeply entrenched automotive community. The community encompasses enthusiasts and manufacturers alike. There is a lot of “car stuff” going on here. But, with that, there is the LA TRAFFIC.

Not being a SoCal native, I had NO idea that 8 lanes (in one direction, 16 total lanes) could ever actually stop. The pure volume of vehicles on the road at times makes it impossible or nearly impossible to actually move. I never really had any idea how bad traffic could be until I moved to Los Angeles. There can be traffic jams any time of the day, night, or week, not just the traditional “rush hour” times. These nightmare traffic situations also make it almost impossible to plan accurate arrival times and being late is something that I really don’t like to do… ever.

I figured a work-around for LA traffic

So, hating unexplained LA traffic jams and regularly being late TAP card for Los Angelesto meetings, appointments, dates, etc., I decided to investigate and try another form of transport. Yes, I went with the public transport route and jumped “onboard” with Ⓜ Metro Los Angeles. Trains, buses, and walking have become my new norm for getting from A to B in LA.

Part of the draw is the trains. I am fascinated by them (remember I mentioned liking mechanised transport) and have had a love affair with them since I was a child. MetroLosAngeles makes it possible for me to avoid mind blowing LA traffic, be around trains, and actually get to places pretty much on time.

Don’t get me wrong, my love for cars and motorsports is not dying, but I do appreciate being punctual and not being driven insane by idiotic traffic situations in LA. So, Metro is my go-to option for getting around Los Angeles. I encourage anyone to give it a try regardless of car ownership or apprehensions about using public transport because it is affordable, safe transportation where you don’t have to stress about sitting in traffic and wasting your life away. Plus, they are active in social media and always LIKE or comment on my tweets. Here’s an example:

LA Metro tweet like

Please feel free to comment below with your transportation story.

LYFT is in Los Angeles

Addendum: If I do need to get somewhere that is not public transport accessible or would take years in a public transport commute, then I defer to LYFT (Not Uber) for personalized point-to-point transportation.