Formula E Super Fan – the Ultimate Fan Experience

Formula E introduced the Super Fan in season 3. This is an amazing concept that will drive even more fan dedication for the up-n-coming motorsport series. The new series set itself apart early on as a race series that embraces fans and encourages fan interaction with the eVillage, FanBoost, driver/fan sessions, eRacing, etc. That initiative was reinforced even more with this season by showcasing and spotlighting an ultimate fan. A Formula E fan that goes over and beyond fanaticism got chosen to have a racing experience of a life, and be deemed the “Super Fan!”

The First Super Fan

The Super Fan concept was introduced at the Berlin ePrix at Tempelhof in 2017. The lucky first pick was James Harmon, a 22-year-old Welsh gentleman who is very keen on motorsports. He is a passionate racing fan and was thrilled by the opportunity Formula E granted him in Berlin with being the first SuperFan. Watch the video and see the emotion in his face and hear it in his voice. James is a true Formula E Super Fan and a fine lead-off example of what FE fandom can produce.

I watched the video for the first time shortly after the Berlin race and felt overjoyed for the guy. My past experiences with everyone involved with Formula E were so positive so I was happy to see others enjoying the positive vibe that FE embodies. Appreciating the fan and going that extra step to ensure their good time is one of the big things that drew me to Formula E. It’s been a key selling point of the series since I first encountered FE at Long Beach in season 1.

When Formula E announced the season 3 schedule, I admittedly was very disappointed that Long Beach was axed from the calendar. However, I am an FE fan due to their great efforts in season 1 and 2, so the choice to trek to New York was almost a no-brainer. Hotel got booked, flights locked in, friends notified of arrival in NYC area, and off I went to see the brand new course on the streets of New York City. The track was amazing! The Formula E area was nestled in the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal in Redhook. The track wound around the terminal area and encompassed some of the local street areas. One of the best areas was the beer garden area where live music played and good beers flowed. Overall, I missed my Long Beach track, but the NYC area as a whole was very inviting and made for a great race location in my opinion.

The Second Super Fan

The high point of the NYCePrix was the total surprise of being chosen as the second Formula E Super Fan. To say I was elated and brought to tears is an understatement. I completely agree with James Hardon when he says in the video that “This is the greatest day of my life.” There’s more to my NYCePrix Super Fan story if you want to read about it and see some great photos. Plus, I met Sir Richard Branson and got it all on video.

I got the chance to speak with Manolo Ortiz-Tallo, Director of FE events while on stageStephen Harvey and Director of Formula E events at NYCePrix waiting for the Formula E drivers and Sir Richard to come up. He was pleased to hear that I traveled all the way from Long Beach, California to be a part of the New York weekend. I told him that the Super Fan experience was a highlight of my life and an initiative that needed to continue.

The Super Fan Experience Must Continue

Now Formula E has 2 Super Fans! Both fully agree that the experience is the best thing that has happened in their motorsport-fan lives. This is a great effort that Formula E can continue. FE can grow their fan base with this effort and truly reward the fans that wholeheartedly support everything that Formula E is showcasing to the world. The Super Fan effort can be even greater when teams like Mahindra and Techeetah reinforce the fan experience with campaigns like #Passioneers and fan contests during the season. Reinforcing all those efforts is what DHL Americas does on Friday prior to the race day/weekend. This is when a lot of the press and PR relations happen. Motorsports journalists and other racing outlet reps are invited in to hear how DHL moves Formula E around the globe. Then directly following, everyone is toured through the FE pitlane. The whole Friday experience really reinforces the die-hard racing enthusiast’s passion for Formula E and helps fans get a deeper understanding of the series.

Being lucky enough to be chosen as Formula E Super Fan is amazing. This is a program that has brought immense joy into two people’s lives leaving them with moments in time they will never forget. The type of moments that will be treasured for a lifetime and talked about for ages. Formula E needs to continue this program of rewarding true FE fans with a lifetime experience. And, work with the teams and logistics partners to make the Super Fan the ultimate fan experience for any racing series.