Formula E in Long Beach Shocked Me! #DHLFormulaE

The brand new, all electric, FIA sanctioned racing series arrived in Long Beach, California on April 4th. I was shocked to learn how cool the cars are and how the Formula E series, along with DHL, are striving to make a difference with mobility and sustainability. The FE circus arrived earlier in the week, set up an entire event experience, and were gone by Sunday. Nothing less than fantastic and hopefully will make a return to Long Beach in the near future.

DHLFormulaE media kit for LBePrixMy Formula E experience started with an invitation from DHL Americas to take part in the Thursday #DHLFormulaE “Behind the Scenes” tour. We first met with Bea Garcia, Director of Media Relations for DHL Americas and Natascha Otero, Media Relations DHL Americas, then went over to the FIA Formula E Media Center to formally begin the “Behind the Scenes” tour. Upon arrival, Tom Phillips, Communications Manager FIA Formula E, met the group and ran through some quick sustainability facts regarding DHL and the Formula E series. Interesting to find that the FE series aims and obtains a “zero” carbon footprint. They are able to do this through a variety of measures, but most significant is the logistics of transporting all the equipment needed to conduct a global race series. DHL has much experience transporting large race series’ around the globe, i.e. Formula 1, and they have learned exactly what to do and what not to do so efficiency can be maximized.

Tom also mentioned that the generators that charge the batteries for all the Formula E cars are fueled with glycerine. I am not a scientist so there will be no technical explanation of the substance, but I will make a comparison for illustration. Looking at glycerine, it appears clear and has a molasses, olive oil consistency. We were told that it burns extremely cleanly and that helps with the zero carbon footprint. The next thing that Tom said was another shocker… he said you can eat glycerine and offered it to us. I dove my finger into the jar and covered it with the substance. Without hesitation (I’m not totally sure why however) I licked the glycerine off my finger. It does taste like Karo syrup or a very light molasses. This could possibly be an alternative sweetener, it was that sweet. Not really. And, I’m happy to report that I’m safe and feeling well several days later.

After the quick logistics and fuel info session, we all headed over to the ABT Audi Team garage to look at the cars and meet the team drivers, Daniel Abt and Lucas Di Grassi. This is where the cameras started rolling with stills and video. Look through the images and get excited about a racing series that is going to #drivethefuture of motorsport and transport for everyone.

Great social media captures showcasing the #DHLFormulaE in Long Beach

Here’s a Tweet from Danielle Crespo (@Danielle_Crespo) via Ed Jenks (@theEDJE) that captures me getting the shots and tweeting the news about #DHLFormulaE

Tom Phillips explaining about glycerine. This is about 2 minutes before I plunged my finger into the bottle that he is holding

Here is about 1 second after tasting the glycerine at the #DHLFormulaE #LBePrix #BehindtheScenes

What a great crowd for the Formula E race in Long Beach

Saw the Formula E Show Car in downtown Long Beach

Found the #DHLFormulaE #lbeprixshowcar again in dt #LongBeach

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A great shot of spare front wings for the Amlin Aguri Formula E team

The entire brake setup on the ABT Audi Formula E race car

Hellova brake on the #FormulaE cars #DHLFormulaE #LBePrix

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Whoops… saw the AndrettiFE car of Jean-Eric Vergne go by me in the eVillage at Formula E in Long Beach

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