Formula D Screeched Into Long Beach with Tires Smoking

The month of April is motorsport month in Long Beach! It all started with Formula E (it was fantastic, check out my #LBePrix recap), and now it is Formula Drift on the streets of Long Beach.
Formula D in Long Beach
Formula D is spectacular and different from most other motorsports. The basic gist of things is two cars going in tandem through a series of corners (4-5ish) with tires squealing, smoke everywhere, and the limits of car control being pushed by two drivers simultaneously. Can I just say that it is an awesome display of car control that rivals what rally drivers do. It is amazing to see 1000+HP cars that barely sit a few inches off the ground do 100 mph into a turn side-by-side for many hours. If you haven’t experienced it, then I highly recommend seeing the spectacle!

Check out some of the highlights from my Formula D weekend in Long Beach.

BMW power from HGK Racing at Formula D in Long Beach

#BMW power courtesy of @hgkracing in #LongBeach #formulaD #fdlb #drift #drifting #hgk

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Warm up for Forrest Wang and Get Nuts Lab

Too much awesomeness at #FormulaD #FDLB #drift #drifting #warmup @ForrestWang808 @GetNutsLab #808

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Fantastic BMW art car from Air Lift Company

Team Karnage loses an Achilles Tire at Formula D

Just Before All the Smoke Happened in Long Beach for Formula Drift

Instagram and Twitter are great for following your favorite motorsport. Get excited with other like minded fans before the event, ramp up all the excitement during the event, and keep the excitement alive days after the event with social media. I personally find it great to scroll through feeds and look through lists after the event because it lets me keep my enthusiasm going and keeps the smile on my face. Motorsport drivers, teams, and sponsors have done a great job with social media. Keep up with the action through the accounts of Formula D drivers and teams. Some of the ones that I thought are great:

HGK Racing – Instagram @hgkracing
GetNutsRacing – Twitter @getnutslabs Instagram @getnutslabs
Forrest Wang – Twitter @forrestwang808 Instagram @forrestwang808
Air Lift Company – Twitter @airliftcompany Instagram @air_lift_company
FormulaD – Twitter @FormulaDrift Instagram @FormulaD

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