Dollar Shave Club Razor Deal Follow Up

Dollar Shave Club razor 5 pack with handle

Dollar Shave Club razor 5 pack with handle

I posted recently that Dollar Shave Club is the best deal for razors. And, I still feel that way. So, I wanted to add more feedback from my experience with the DSC razor deal .

The Dollar Shave Club box opening was cool. (Check out the video) I like the packaging and the little bits of detail that is added to the packaging to make it feel exclusive. It’s actually what got me looking forward to getting my razor package every month…besides the convenience of not having to make a special trip to Costco.

I posted the video on Facebook and got some really good feedback from Friends. Most liked the DSC deal and are loyal fans. But, there were some who were not thrilled with the quality of the blades or found an even better deal on razors delivered to the house. Here’s a screenshot of the post –

Dollar Shave Club deal Facebook post

Now, let me talk about the actual razors. I couldn’t wait to get one out and shave the scruff to see how they did. Well, they worked pretty well. I chose the base model with the double razor and it did the trick eliminating the scraggly beard much like the previous razors did. Being adventurous and breaking my norm, I went for a second day shave with the DSC razor. This time the experience wasn’t as great. The razor performed ok but left lots of areas that required a second and third swipe to knock back the stubble. It seemed like the observation my Facebook friend had that the razors seem to dull faster than other razors might be true for me too. I’ll keep using them and see how they perform.

Right now, after opening the cool packaging and using the razor for the first time, I am still a fan and onboard with the Dollar Shave Club deal. I’m still planning on employing the razor extension plan and sharpening the razors using the jeans sharpening technique. It works well and can extend the life of my razor by at least 3 more shaves from a blade.

Feel free to leave a comment below with your Dollar Shave Club experience or if you’ve used another razor and shaving product service to handle the scruff. Happy shaving!