Dollar Shave Club is the Best Deal for Razors!

dollar shave club logoDollar Shave Club is the best razor deal out there! It’s even a better deal than Costco prices. Couple the razor deal with my instructions to keep a disposable razor sharp and you are totally set!

I’ve researched and gone back-and-forth about what’s the best deal on razors. I did that because I’m purely a utilitarian shaving kind of guy and just need to get the job done. The job is getting rid of prickly facial hair so my wife will be happy and in turn my life is good. You know the saying, “Happy wife, happy life.”

Now I have done the man-pampering thing and gotten a shave at the barbershop. WOW, that is a fantastic experience, but not something I can afford more than once per quarter. If you’ve never had the barber shave experience, then I highly encourage it. I encourage it as much as I encourage checking out the Dollar Shave Club deal.

If you are in the Long Beach area and want to have the shave experience you are in luck. There are two great barbershops that I have personally visited and gotten the full shave. Check out 1246 Barber Shop or the B Room. Both of these shops provide great service from cool staff!

Dollar Shave Club dealSo I took the plunge and decided to give Dollar Shave Club a try. My intro to their plans was with the el cheapo double-blade option. It is just $3/month shipped to my door. That gets me 5 razors plus a handle. Not bad for $3. Try to find that anywhere else.

I ordered the intro razor deal and it arrived within 5 business days. Not bad! Here’s the box opening just to give a video feel for the experience.

Take take my word for it, DSC is the best deal on razors! Check out the Dollar Shave Club website and peruse the pricing. This is an affiliate link but it’s ok because it helps out both people. It gives me and the person ordering a $5 credit. Yay, good times!

Be sure to check out the additional products they have. Nice featured line of shaving products and butt wipes. Yeah, butt wipes to keep your posterior super fresh!

Please let me know if you have found a better deal on razors. I am frugal and always looking for a better deal. Especially on things that I don’t really want to get.


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