Why I’m Ditching LYFT and Going Back to Uber!

DO NOT USE Lyft. Uber is better.I’m ditching LYFT. I used to be a fan of the service and used it regularly. I even wrote a post about using LYFT over other services like Uber. Now that has all changed and I will never use LYFT again if I can help it.

Here’s Why I’m Ditching Lyft…

In October 2015, I went to Austin, Texas for the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix. It rained for three straight days and central Texas recorded some of the most rain they’d ever seen. We’re talking feet of rain dumped in a matter of 72 hours, all driven by the most powerful hurricane ever recorded, Patricia. Things were soggy to say the least but that didn’t deter me from a day at Circuit of the Americas.

When the rainy race day was over, I called a LYFT to get me and my wife home from COTA. Uber even had a special arrangement with COTA and a designated pick up and drop off area, but we still chose LYFT. Being a bit rain drenched from hurricane style weather all day, I knew the hot shower in my hotel room was going to feel great. That’s when the first signs of a not so pleasant experience should have been recognized by me.

The first issue with the LYFT ride back to the hotel was that the driver wasn’t familiar with Circuit of the Americas and I had to guide him to my location while talking to him on the phone. I was patient and understood the difficulties of finding my wife and me given the circumstances of rain, dusk, and post race mayhem after the USGP. Plus, I didn’t want the LYFT driver to waste his time and gas driving to COTA and that’s what would have happened if I cancelled the ride. So, I persevered and guided him to my location.

Well he finally found us in a gravel and dirt parking lot near the entrance to COTA. He was approximately 30 minutes after the estimated arrival time. Regardless, we were thankful that he made it and that he was going to give us a ride back to the hotel.

My wife and I hopped into the LYFT and immediately the driver threw a green towel at us followed by “Don’t get it dirty back there. Use the towel for your shoes.” We did our best working with the towel in the dark and kept our shoes on the towel. Granted we both had to step into the car from the dirt parking lot before the towel was tossed over the seat and the instructions barked.

The actual ride back to the hotel was pleasant and we even gifted our last brand new camp chair to the driver as a thank you. And, the driver was given a good tip for the time and distance from the track to our hotel. The driver put the gifted camp chair in the trunk of his car, then inspected the back seat of his car. I asked if it looked OK and even offered to clean up any mess if the driver felt it warranted additional cleaning. The LYFT driver said all was good and we wished him a good, safe evening.

I felt everything was good with the ride until the email from LYFT saying there will be a $35 cleaning fee added to the LYFT ride. The driver even provided pics of the backseat. I felt like this was an experience ripped from an Uber headline, but no. Take a look…

LYFT nightmare in Austin. Why I'm switching back to Uber.LYFT nightmare in Austin. Why I'm switching back to Uber.To me it appears the majority of dirt is on the floor mats which are designed to collect and hold dirt. From the driver’s pictures, it looks like the mats worked as designed.

I replied to the charges and offered to pay a reasonable sum, $5 – $10, the cost of taking the mats to a spray-n-wash car wash and rinsing them off. That offer was rejected by LYFT and I was forced to pay the $35 fee. It makes me wonder how many other rides our LYFT driver gave that weekend with all the rain and upcharged people with a “cleaning fee”.

Seemingly unwilling to negotiate and unwilling to work with the customer (which is what I thought Uber was famous for doing), LYFT has turned someone who was once a big advocate FOR the LYFT ride service, into someone who WILL NOT knowingly promote LYFT in any manner… a person who will write posts like this and use social media to let as many people as possible know why LYFT is NOT a good ride service… a person that will go back to using Uber because I haven’t had a disaster story with them.

So please, when you need to get your happy behind somewhere for whatever reason, please DO NOT USE LYFT. Use Uber, or Metro, or a cab, but for whatever reason DO NOT USE LYFT. Thanks.

Dollar Shave Club Razor Deal Follow Up

Dollar Shave Club razor 5 pack with handle

Dollar Shave Club razor 5 pack with handle

I posted recently that Dollar Shave Club is the best deal for razors. And, I still feel that way. So, I wanted to add more feedback from my experience with the DSC razor deal .

The Dollar Shave Club box opening was cool. (Check out the video) I like the packaging and the little bits of detail that is added to the packaging to make it feel exclusive. It’s actually what got me looking forward to getting my razor package every month…besides the convenience of not having to make a special trip to Costco.

I posted the video on Facebook and got some really good feedback from Friends. Most liked the DSC deal and are loyal fans. But, there were some who were not thrilled with the quality of the blades or found an even better deal on razors delivered to the house. Here’s a screenshot of the post –

Dollar Shave Club deal Facebook post

Now, let me talk about the actual razors. I couldn’t wait to get one out and shave the scruff to see how they did. Well, they worked pretty well. I chose the base model with the double razor and it did the trick eliminating the scraggly beard much like the previous razors did. Being adventurous and breaking my norm, I went for a second day shave with the DSC razor. This time the experience wasn’t as great. The razor performed ok but left lots of areas that required a second and third swipe to knock back the stubble. It seemed like the observation my Facebook friend had that the razors seem to dull faster than other razors might be true for me too. I’ll keep using them and see how they perform.

Right now, after opening the cool packaging and using the razor for the first time, I am still a fan and onboard with the Dollar Shave Club deal. I’m still planning on employing the razor extension plan and sharpening the razors using the jeans sharpening technique. It works well and can extend the life of my razor by at least 3 more shaves from a blade.

Feel free to leave a comment below with your Dollar Shave Club experience or if you’ve used another razor and shaving product service to handle the scruff. Happy shaving!

Dollar Shave Club is the Best Deal for Razors!

dollar shave club logoDollar Shave Club is the best razor deal out there! It’s even a better deal than Costco prices. Couple the razor deal with my instructions to keep a disposable razor sharp and you are totally set!

I’ve researched and gone back-and-forth about what’s the best deal on razors. I did that because I’m purely a utilitarian shaving kind of guy and just need to get the job done. The job is getting rid of prickly facial hair so my wife will be happy and in turn my life is good. You know the saying, “Happy wife, happy life.”

Now I have done the man-pampering thing and gotten a shave at the barbershop. WOW, that is a fantastic experience, but not something I can afford more than once per quarter. If you’ve never had the barber shave experience, then I highly encourage it. I encourage it as much as I encourage checking out the Dollar Shave Club deal.

If you are in the Long Beach area and want to have the shave experience you are in luck. There are two great barbershops that I have personally visited and gotten the full shave. Check out 1246 Barber Shop or the B Room. Both of these shops provide great service from cool staff!

Dollar Shave Club dealSo I took the plunge and decided to give Dollar Shave Club a try. My intro to their plans was with the el cheapo double-blade option. It is just $3/month shipped to my door. That gets me 5 razors plus a handle. Not bad for $3. Try to find that anywhere else.

I ordered the intro razor deal and it arrived within 5 business days. Not bad! Here’s the box opening just to give a video feel for the experience.

Take take my word for it, DSC is the best deal on razors! Check out the Dollar Shave Club website and peruse the pricing. This is an affiliate link but it’s ok because it helps out both people. It gives me and the person ordering a $5 credit. Yay, good times!

Be sure to check out the additional products they have. Nice featured line of shaving products and butt wipes. Yeah, butt wipes to keep your posterior super fresh!

Please let me know if you have found a better deal on razors. I am frugal and always looking for a better deal. Especially on things that I don’t really want to get.


Pick LYFT When Looking for a Ridesharing Service… It’s Better Than Uber!

Lyft balloonLYFT is my go-to ridesharing service. I will not be using Uber any longer, and here is why.

First of all my experience with Lyft has always been amazing. The drivers have been a mix of both male and female, and they were consistently pleasant and helpful when I had questions. The cars that Lyft drivers use are always near to, if not brand new vehicles. And, those cars were almost always eco-friendly with drivers usually pulling up in a Prius or other hybrid.

Next, they have a fantastic double-benefit affiliate program to help both the person who has taken a Lyft and for a first time user that gets referred to the ridesharing service. It’s nice because the person I refer gets $20 towards their first ride AND when they take that first Lyft, I get a $20 credit towards another ride myself. I really like the mutually beneficial concept where it’s a win-win for everyone.

Here is my link: https://lyft.com/i/HARVARINO380588

The last and main reason why I’m a fan of Lyft and will not use Uber is because of the culture that Uber has built within its company. General business and life bad practices stem from the top and we all know “it” rolls downhill.

Here a just a few examples of the things that Uber has done to ensure I won’t use their ridesharing service again.

  1. Fare hikes that, in my opinion, were gouging and advantage taking. Exorbitant peak time fare hikes on New Year’s Eve and then again when Hurricane Sandy blew through New York City. Both of these were back in 2012, but certainly set a precedent going forward.
  2. The company’s EVP makes snide suggestions for discrediting journalists. He said it would be a good idea to put funds toward a smear campaign that would dig up dirt on any reporter that might say negative things about the company. AND, the company’s CEO said that the remarks were “terrible” and no reprimand was made towards the offending EVP…like firing him. Check out the link for more details: http://www.forbes.com/sites/ellenhuet/2014/11/18/uber-ceo-travis-kalanick-calls-execs-comments-terrible-but-wont-fire-him/
  3. There are several incidents where Uber drivers injured or severely infringed on riders rights. One of the worst cases being an LA woman getting a ride late night and then the driver took her to a secluded parking lot, not in the direction of her destination, and attempted to accost her. Only after she screamed and made a scene did the driver take her to the original destination. The company’s response was to issue a statement apologizing for the “inefficient route” and gave the woman a partial fare refund.

And, if those three examples aren’t enough, check out a long list of more offences by the company. http://techcrunch.com/gallery/ubers-worst-screw-ups/Lyft pink mustache

So there you have it. Use Lyft if you are in need of a ride to get yourself somewhere. DUI’s and hurting other people & property shouldn’t ever be an option. Be safe and get a little bit of help towards that first ride to somewhere with my Lyft code. Be safe out there!

How Do You Sharpen a Disposable Razor? This explains how.

How can you sharpen a disposable razor? Or a better question, Can you sharpen a disposable razor? Well the simple answer is YES, yes you can. And, it is a pretty simple thing to do. I dont know if you have ever been in old school barbershop where they offer the straight razor shave service, but if you have, you would have probably noticed a piece of heavy cloth hanging somewhere around the barbers chair.

That’s the magic! That piece of heavy cloth, or cotton denim, is the tool that will enable a disposable razor to be sharpened. And, not only sharpened, but the life of the razor will be dramatically increased.

Denim material for sharpening a disposable razor

Use denim pants to sharpen a disposable razor

Here’s what I did to get my piece of heavy cloth…I pulled a pair of the best work pants I know of out of the drawer. My Carhartt pants are the perfect weight of material to get a good, sharp edge back on that expensive disposable razor.

The process of sharpening a disposable razor is an easy process to follow and master. It is just like any other blade sharpening process and requires some even, smooth strokes of the blade over the sharpening surface, aka Carhartt work pants or blue jeans.

Here are the steps in the process that I used to bring a new, sharp edge to my disposable razor.

  1. Acquire some heavy denim cloth. In my case, a pair of Carhartt work pants did the trick, but using a pair of old jeans would probably work well too.
  2. Lay the material (pants) flat on the bathroom counter top or other larger flat area. Try to get the material as flat and smoothed out as possible because it will make the razor sharpening process go “smoothly”.
  3. Take the dull disposable razor with the blade down against the denim material (pants) and rub it 10 – 15 times in the opposite direction you would if you were shaving. NOTE: you do not want to “shave” the denim material and that is why you go the opposite direction from normal shaving moves.
  4. This technique works great for dull or blunt disposable razors. However, it still can improve the performance of the razor even if it is super dull and been used a whole lot. Simply use the technique described above but increase the number of times from 10 or so to 100+. That sounds like a lot, but the time goes by fast, the effort isn’t too bad, and the cost savings is great!

I told you that is was simple and easy to sharpen a disposable razor. Check out the quick video below to get a more visual explanation of the blade sharpening process.