Motorsports Are Much More Fun with Social Media (Part 2)

I mentioned that motorsports are more fun with social media in the previous post. Now I want to show some more ways that motosport brands engaged with me at the Grand Prix in Long Beach.

The main place of interaction was in the LifeStyle Expo, but brands like SPAM and the Port of Long Beach managed to wrangle my attention while walking around and taking in the racing experience.

First, several brands like Continental Tire, Mazda, and Honda, vowed for motorsport fan attention with several picture opportunities with smiling faces. That’s always a good way to get people to pose and post.


Me with Corvette

Continental Tire

Me with Continental Tire


Me with Mazda TGPLB 2015


Me on Honda motorcycle
Then we ventured outside and got to engage with SPAM and the Port of Long Beach.

Me SPAM attacked

Me with SPAM TGPB 2015

Port of Long Beach

Port of Long Beach TGPLB 2015

I am a diehard motorsports fan that really enjoys incorporating his craft (online media) with his passion (motorsports) to have a rich experience. The next time you are at an event, look around and see how big brands and names are looking to interact with you. Try embracing them and have some fun!

Motorsports Are Much More Fun with Social Media (Part 1)

I am a huge motorsports fan and I really enjoy using social media to keep up with racing and other car enthusiasts. The past few weeks have been complete heaven for me because I live in Long Beach. Just after Valentine’s Day, the City of Long Beach begins setting up the street course that takes over the Pike area in downtown. Seeing the streets get blocked off, the race barriers & fencing go up, and all the grandstands being constructed gets me psyched up for the racing events in April.

The month long finale is the Big Grand Prix on the streets of Long Beach. ‘Roar in the Shore’ starts things off on Wednesday night in Belmont Shore. Several blocks are blocked off on 2nd Street and some of the cars that will be racing the upcoming weekend are showcased. The next night Thunder Thursday happens on Pine Street. Motorcycle demonstrations, simulated pit stops by a couple of teams, and an opportunity to get driver autographs all happen right there in downtown Long Beach.

Then on Friday, the 3-day racing weekend begins… Lifestyle Expo is at the Convention Center, food vendors line the perimeter of the race circuit, and paddock areas are available for walk thrus. I really enjoyed the way that sponsors, teams, and the race venue interacted with me and other grand prix fans.

Here are some of the great ways that several brands engaged with me and enabled me to continue all the fun of the race weekend days later through my social media.

EXAMPLES of Motorsport and Social Media


I liked the way that the Long Beach Convention Center responded to my Tweet about the warm welcome that they gave to race fans. They “favorited” the tweet and responded with a nice comment.


EXAMPLE of DynaWing IG post

This is a great example of how the DynaWing racing team responded to my Instagram post. I was amazed at the technology that they have produced to just get the unique car up off the ground without wheels.

To wrap up I took artsy pictures that I personally really like. They are not action shots of race cars or a candid shot of a driver, but the two pictures definitely are powerful.

Facebook: TGPLB banner on bridge by Hyatt.

A beautiful evening anticipating motorsport of the TGPLB 2015

Twitter: Pack up and safe travels tweet


Now go out to the next motorsports event and see how all the players there are vying for your attention through innovative methods of incorporating social media and facing fandom.

Formula D Screeched Into Long Beach with Tires Smoking

The month of April is motorsport month in Long Beach! It all started with Formula E (it was fantastic, check out my #LBePrix recap), and now it is Formula Drift on the streets of Long Beach.
Formula D in Long Beach
Formula D is spectacular and different from most other motorsports. The basic gist of things is two cars going in tandem through a series of corners (4-5ish) with tires squealing, smoke everywhere, and the limits of car control being pushed by two drivers simultaneously. Can I just say that it is an awesome display of car control that rivals what rally drivers do. It is amazing to see 1000+HP cars that barely sit a few inches off the ground do 100 mph into a turn side-by-side for many hours. If you haven’t experienced it, then I highly recommend seeing the spectacle!

Check out some of the highlights from my Formula D weekend in Long Beach.

BMW power from HGK Racing at Formula D in Long Beach

#BMW power courtesy of @hgkracing in #LongBeach #formulaD #fdlb #drift #drifting #hgk

A photo posted by Stephen (@havarino) on

Warm up for Forrest Wang and Get Nuts Lab

Too much awesomeness at #FormulaD #FDLB #drift #drifting #warmup @ForrestWang808 @GetNutsLab #808

A video posted by Stephen (@havarino) on

Fantastic BMW art car from Air Lift Company

Team Karnage loses an Achilles Tire at Formula D

Just Before All the Smoke Happened in Long Beach for Formula Drift

Instagram and Twitter are great for following your favorite motorsport. Get excited with other like minded fans before the event, ramp up all the excitement during the event, and keep the excitement alive days after the event with social media. I personally find it great to scroll through feeds and look through lists after the event because it lets me keep my enthusiasm going and keeps the smile on my face. Motorsport drivers, teams, and sponsors have done a great job with social media. Keep up with the action through the accounts of Formula D drivers and teams. Some of the ones that I thought are great:

HGK Racing – Instagram @hgkracing
GetNutsRacing – Twitter @getnutslabs Instagram @getnutslabs
Forrest Wang – Twitter @forrestwang808 Instagram @forrestwang808
Air Lift Company – Twitter @airliftcompany Instagram @air_lift_company
FormulaD – Twitter @FormulaDrift Instagram @FormulaD

Hashtags: #fdlb #formulad #formuladrift #drifting

Feel free to look through my Twitter and IG for all the motorsport action from the events I experience.

Twitter: @harvester_sol
Instagram: @havarino

Formula E in Long Beach Shocked Me! #DHLFormulaE

The brand new, all electric, FIA sanctioned racing series arrived in Long Beach, California on April 4th. I was shocked to learn how cool the cars are and how the Formula E series, along with DHL, are striving to make a difference with mobility and sustainability. The FE circus arrived earlier in the week, set up an entire event experience, and were gone by Sunday. Nothing less than fantastic and hopefully will make a return to Long Beach in the near future.

DHLFormulaE media kit for LBePrixMy Formula E experience started with an invitation from DHL Americas to take part in the Thursday #DHLFormulaE “Behind the Scenes” tour. We first met with Bea Garcia, Director of Media Relations for DHL Americas and Natascha Otero, Media Relations DHL Americas, then went over to the FIA Formula E Media Center to formally begin the “Behind the Scenes” tour. Upon arrival, Tom Phillips, Communications Manager FIA Formula E, met the group and ran through some quick sustainability facts regarding DHL and the Formula E series. Interesting to find that the FE series aims and obtains a “zero” carbon footprint. They are able to do this through a variety of measures, but most significant is the logistics of transporting all the equipment needed to conduct a global race series. DHL has much experience transporting large race series’ around the globe, i.e. Formula 1, and they have learned exactly what to do and what not to do so efficiency can be maximized.

Tom also mentioned that the generators that charge the batteries for all the Formula E cars are fueled with glycerine. I am not a scientist so there will be no technical explanation of the substance, but I will make a comparison for illustration. Looking at glycerine, it appears clear and has a molasses, olive oil consistency. We were told that it burns extremely cleanly and that helps with the zero carbon footprint. The next thing that Tom said was another shocker… he said you can eat glycerine and offered it to us. I dove my finger into the jar and covered it with the substance. Without hesitation (I’m not totally sure why however) I licked the glycerine off my finger. It does taste like Karo syrup or a very light molasses. This could possibly be an alternative sweetener, it was that sweet. Not really. And, I’m happy to report that I’m safe and feeling well several days later.

After the quick logistics and fuel info session, we all headed over to the ABT Audi Team garage to look at the cars and meet the team drivers, Daniel Abt and Lucas Di Grassi. This is where the cameras started rolling with stills and video. Look through the images and get excited about a racing series that is going to #drivethefuture of motorsport and transport for everyone.

Great social media captures showcasing the #DHLFormulaE in Long Beach

Here’s a Tweet from Danielle Crespo (@Danielle_Crespo) via Ed Jenks (@theEDJE) that captures me getting the shots and tweeting the news about #DHLFormulaE

Tom Phillips explaining about glycerine. This is about 2 minutes before I plunged my finger into the bottle that he is holding

Here is about 1 second after tasting the glycerine at the #DHLFormulaE #LBePrix #BehindtheScenes

What a great crowd for the Formula E race in Long Beach

Saw the Formula E Show Car in downtown Long Beach

Found the #DHLFormulaE #lbeprixshowcar again in dt #LongBeach

A photo posted by Stephen (@havarino) on

A great shot of spare front wings for the Amlin Aguri Formula E team

The entire brake setup on the ABT Audi Formula E race car

Hellova brake on the #FormulaE cars #DHLFormulaE #LBePrix

A photo posted by Stephen (@havarino) on

Whoops… saw the AndrettiFE car of Jean-Eric Vergne go by me in the eVillage at Formula E in Long Beach

For more of the motorsport action of Formula E in Long Beach check me out on Twitter and Instagram. I will be posting lots of pics and video along with updates about the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach and Formula Drift.

For all the info and deets online, be sure to follow any and all of these hashtags. Also, please add any I missed in the Comments section below. Thanks!

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Formula E is in Long Beach to #DrivetheFuture of Motorsport

Formula E is in Long Beach, California on April 4th, 2015. This brand new, FIA sanctioned, auto event showcases the future of motorsport by being the only global racing series that features an all electric powertrain driven car. The Formula E adopted hashtag is #DrivetheFuture, and they, along with all the teams and sponsors involved, are certainly driving the future of motorsport.

Long Beach, California became my destination location when I moved to Southern California. This city has a rich history of motorsport and racing dating back to 1977 and involving Formula 1. CART (now IndyCar) moved in during the mid 1980’s replacing Formula 1 and bringing the Grand Prix of Long Beach. Now, the city comes alive with racing fun every year and that was a huge motivator for me to live here in Long Beach, Ca.

Formula E in Long Beach

My passions are digital media and motorsport, so I am delighted to integrate the two worlds. Using Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and WordPress, I have captured the “building of a race course” and the build up to all the motorsport action in Long Beach for the #motorsportmonth of April.

This is an account of what I have seen and experienced from late February up until just a few days before the FIA Formula E in Long Beach via my social media channels. Please look through and I hope it gets you psyched up for all the cars, action, and racing that is happening in April.

Formula E Banner Across A Pedi Bridge in Long Beach

@FIAFormulaE is coming to #LongBeach #LBePrix #LongBeachEprix @felongbeacheprix

A photo posted by Stephen (@havarino) on

The Formula E Showcar on Tour at USC

Finally getting to see the #lbeprixshowcartour!! @felongbeacheprix @LongBeach_ePrix

A photo posted by Stephen (@havarino) on

A Formula E Paddock Area Preview (@FEAddicts Twitter)

Another Formula E Paddock Area Preview

(@Dupont_Ben Twitter)

Formula E Banner in Long Beach, Ca

Formula E Plus Motorsport & Track Shots from Long Beach on Facebook

Formula E in Long Beach California April 4th for FREE

Facebook Photo Album Showcasing Motorsport in Long Beach

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Also, I’ve been talking about Formula E coming to Long Beach since last June. Check out my other post talking about Formula E in Long Beach and this post talking about how social media is fueling Formula E.

This is a great link for getting additional, in-depth history about the racing history and motorsport action in Long Beach.