BMWCCA National Board Meeting in Los Angeles

The BMWCCA National Board met in Los Angeles recently. I am not on the National Board (personal club aspirations possibly?), but an open invite went out to all members of the BMWCCA. Being a long-term member with a great BMW story, I jumped at the chance to meet everyone. Also, I am the webmaster for the LA Chapter’s website and I want to be more involved with the Club.

Getting Involved with the BMWCCA

A large portion of the new involvement will involve a full revamp of the LA Chapter website. Soon it will have the look and feel of the National BMWCCA website. This will add more continuity to the Club digital properties. In addition, it will make the regular updating and maintenance of the website much easier. All good things for my chapter of the BMWCCA.

A smaller portion of my involvement is attending more events that are not necessarily driving events. Don’t get me wrong however, I want to attend more of those also. Events where Board members and leaders in the Chapters are events that I’m looking to attend. I feel confident that there will be lots of overlap and I’ll be able to meet-n-greet the movers-n-shakers of the Club.

BMWCCA National Board Meeting dinner

My first opportunity to meet and mingle with decision makers within the BMWCCA came shortly into the new year. The Club’s National Board met in Los Angeles and all Club members were invited to a meet-n-greet dinner after the day’s meetings. It was a delightful time where I got to see and speak with LA Chapter President Kurt Helm and also see “Always Active Member” Delight Lucas.

Stephen Harvey with BMWCCA Board membersThe Board had a moment of recognition and I snapped a quick pic…

BMWCCA National board 2018A definite highlight for me was meeting a person that I hold in very high regard in the BMW world. He has entertained and wowed with his magnificent work as Editor-in-chief of Roundel magazine. I was honored to get the autograph of Satch Carlson on a piece of cool BMW swag. You can see from my extreme grin that I am elated!

Stephen Harvey with Satch Carlson

So, this year is going to be active for me and the BMWCCA. The LA Chapter website is getting a facelift under my care. Also looking forward to attending many more BMW events, like O’fest and Thermal club outings. If you are a part of the BMWCCA I’d love to meet ya and have a chat about BMdubyahs.

I highly encourage anyone that has the Bimmer bug to go by and look at the BMWCCA website. Learn more about what we do, why we are so passionate, and then join up!