BMWCCA Foundation is Always Amazeballs!

Living on the West coast of the US makes visiting the BMW Car Club of America’s Foundation museum a bit more of a trek. I used to live just a short drive from the front doors of the always amazeballs place, but now the drive is a bit further. This is why visiting the magnificence of the BMWCCA Foundation Museum is that much more awesome for me!

Home for the Holidays!

This year I made it home for the holidays. The first place I visited was not family, much to their chagrin. The place I drove straight to was the BMWCCA Foundation museum building where Michael, the longtime curator and driving innovator at the museum, was waiting to let me in. He and I have known each other for many years now and it is always a pleasure catching up with him. Michael is a wealth of BMW knowledge and has deep ties with the BMWCCA. Getting “the tour” of the museum facilities from him is a privilege and time I highly value.

I highly encourage any BMW fan to research and then make an appointment to go by and experience the BMWCCA Foundation for yourself. The building is located adjacent to the BMW Performance Center near Spartanburg, SC and just on the outskirts of North American BMW mecca. Like any Bimmer aficionado needs an excuse to take a drive around the birthplace of many a BMW.

Extensive Collection at the BMWCCA Foundation Museum

The extensive collection of cars at the Foundation museum over the holidays was in preparation for the “Heroes of Bavaria: 75 Years of BMW Motorsport” exhibit. Featured were many past BMW cars from varied racing genre ranging from IMSA to Formula series. I took lots of pictures and share two of the prime ones below.

Here’s the full photo album on Facebook: BMWCCA Foundation 2017

This is a great shot of the front end of an E46… (one of my personal fav Bimmer liveries!)

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