Stephen Harvey – Digital Consultant

An accomplished digital helper

Stephen Harvey - Digital Consultant

Stephen Harvey – Digital Consultant

He has helped many businesses start and develop digital plans that have ultimately led to more customer interaction. Managing all aspects of digital, including WordPress websites and social media, will greatly help customer acquisition, retention and ultimately sales and revenue. By analyzing data acquired through specific, pertinent metrics, a business can target elements of the online world to improve exposure and reach. Stephen uses a wide range of tools on the Internet to study and analyze data related to websites, social media, and a business. He is able to provide the highest level of service and accuracy when forming and developing strategies and plans by using his experience and wealth of tools.

Ultimately the professional spot he is in now began many years ago working for a channel sales computer company. Stephen saw the benefits of better communication and interacting with people in order to grow a business. With 10+ years working with businesses and the Internet, Stephen Harvey is a knowledgeable and skilled digital consultant. Having formal education with a BS in Business Informatics and an Associates in Computer Technology coupled with years of real-world business experience, Stephen is able to provide a wealth of knowledge and management leadership for an organization.

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