Dollar Shave Club Razor Deal Follow Up

Dollar Shave Club razor 5 pack with handle

Dollar Shave Club razor 5 pack with handle

I posted recently that Dollar Shave Club is the best deal for razors. And, I still feel that way. So, I wanted to add more feedback from my experience with the DSC razor deal .

The Dollar Shave Club box opening was cool. (Check out the video) I like the packaging and the little bits of detail that is added to the packaging to make it feel exclusive. It’s actually what got me looking forward to getting my razor package every month…besides the convenience of not having to make a special trip to Costco.

I posted the video on Facebook and got some really good feedback from Friends. Most liked the DSC deal and are loyal fans. But, there were some who were not thrilled with the quality of the blades or found an even better deal on razors delivered to the house. Here’s a screenshot of the post –

Dollar Shave Club deal Facebook post

Now, let me talk about the actual razors. I couldn’t wait to get one out and shave the scruff to see how they did. Well, they worked pretty well. I chose the base model with the double razor and it did the trick eliminating the scraggly beard much like the previous razors did. Being adventurous and breaking my norm, I went for a second day shave with the DSC razor. This time the experience wasn’t as great. The razor performed ok but left lots of areas that required a second and third swipe to knock back the stubble. It seemed like the observation my Facebook friend had that the razors seem to dull faster than other razors might be true for me too. I’ll keep using them and see how they perform.

Right now, after opening the cool packaging and using the razor for the first time, I am still a fan and onboard with the Dollar Shave Club deal. I’m still planning on employing the razor extension plan and sharpening the razors using the jeans sharpening technique. It works well and can extend the life of my razor by at least 3 more shaves from a blade.

Feel free to leave a comment below with your Dollar Shave Club experience or if you’ve used another razor and shaving product service to handle the scruff. Happy shaving!

Dollar Shave Club is the Best Deal for Razors!

dollar shave club logoDollar Shave Club is the best razor deal out there! It’s even a better deal than Costco prices. Couple the razor deal with my instructions to keep a disposable razor sharp and you are totally set!

I’ve researched and gone back-and-forth about what’s the best deal on razors. I did that because I’m purely a utilitarian shaving kind of guy and just need to get the job done. The job is getting rid of prickly facial hair so my wife will be happy and in turn my life is good. You know the saying, “Happy wife, happy life.”

Now I have done the man-pampering thing and gotten a shave at the barbershop. WOW, that is a fantastic experience, but not something I can afford more than once per quarter. If you’ve never had the barber shave experience, then I highly encourage it. I encourage it as much as I encourage checking out the Dollar Shave Club deal.

If you are in the Long Beach area and want to have the shave experience you are in luck. There are two great barbershops that I have personally visited and gotten the full shave. Check out 1246 Barber Shop or the B Room. Both of these shops provide great service from cool staff!

Dollar Shave Club dealSo I took the plunge and decided to give Dollar Shave Club a try. My intro to their plans was with the el cheapo double-blade option. It is just $3/month shipped to my door. That gets me 5 razors plus a handle. Not bad for $3. Try to find that anywhere else.

I ordered the intro razor deal and it arrived within 5 business days. Not bad! Here’s the box opening just to give a video feel for the experience.

Take take my word for it, DSC is the best deal on razors! Check out the Dollar Shave Club website and peruse the pricing. This is an affiliate link but it’s ok because it helps out both people. It gives me and the person ordering a $5 credit. Yay, good times!

Be sure to check out the additional products they have. Nice featured line of shaving products and butt wipes. Yeah, butt wipes to keep your posterior super fresh!

Please let me know if you have found a better deal on razors. I am frugal and always looking for a better deal. Especially on things that I don’t really want to get.


Pick LYFT When Looking for a Ridesharing Service… It’s Better Than Uber!

Lyft balloonLYFT is my go-to ridesharing service. I will not be using Uber any longer, and here is why.

First of all my experience with Lyft has always been amazing. The drivers have been a mix of both male and female, and they were consistently pleasant and helpful when I had questions. The cars that Lyft drivers use are always near to, if not brand new vehicles. And, those cars were almost always eco-friendly with drivers usually pulling up in a Prius or other hybrid.

Next, they have a fantastic double-benefit affiliate program to help both the person who has taken a Lyft and for a first time user that gets referred to the ridesharing service. It’s nice because the person I refer gets $20 towards their first ride AND when they take that first Lyft, I get a $20 credit towards another ride myself. I really like the mutually beneficial concept where it’s a win-win for everyone.

Here is my link:

The last and main reason why I’m a fan of Lyft and will not use Uber is because of the culture that Uber has built within its company. General business and life bad practices stem from the top and we all know “it” rolls downhill.

Here a just a few examples of the things that Uber has done to ensure I won’t use their ridesharing service again.

  1. Fare hikes that, in my opinion, were gouging and advantage taking. Exorbitant peak time fare hikes on New Year’s Eve and then again when Hurricane Sandy blew through New York City. Both of these were back in 2012, but certainly set a precedent going forward.
  2. The company’s EVP makes snide suggestions for discrediting journalists. He said it would be a good idea to put funds toward a smear campaign that would dig up dirt on any reporter that might say negative things about the company. AND, the company’s CEO said that the remarks were “terrible” and no reprimand was made towards the offending EVP…like firing him. Check out the link for more details:
  3. There are several incidents where Uber drivers injured or severely infringed on riders rights. One of the worst cases being an LA woman getting a ride late night and then the driver took her to a secluded parking lot, not in the direction of her destination, and attempted to accost her. Only after she screamed and made a scene did the driver take her to the original destination. The company’s response was to issue a statement apologizing for the “inefficient route” and gave the woman a partial fare refund.

And, if those three examples aren’t enough, check out a long list of more offences by the company. pink mustache

So there you have it. Use Lyft if you are in need of a ride to get yourself somewhere. DUI’s and hurting other people & property shouldn’t ever be an option. Be safe and get a little bit of help towards that first ride to somewhere with my Lyft code. Be safe out there!

Tooting My Own WordPress Developer Horn with the New SMCLA Website

I want to share a personal success story. Or, at least, I really feel that it is a personal success. First, I’ll give a bit of supporting details so this story will sound even more impressive.

The SMCLA Website Story

Stephen smiley faceDigital media and social media happen to be BIG parts of my life. I run a digital consulting company (Harvester Solutions) and I help SMB size companies figure out how to utilize the Internet to make business life better. To stay on top of all things in my industry, I am a member of Social Media Club LA. This is a group of digital marketing, social media, Internet folks here in Los Angeles that have monthly events ranging from panel discussions with industry experts to super-fun networking happy hours. The “Club” has lots of regular events and is a talented group of helpful professionals.

SMCLA, like most organizations that want to promote themselves on the Internet, has a website. The site when I joined the “Club” was extremely dated and in dire need of a facelift. After all, it is called “social media” club and the image needs to reflect latest trends. The updating conversation around the website ebbed and flowed for about two year until I was re-elected to the Social Media Club LA Board of Directors in 2015 as a Communications Associate Director. Having WordPress love and experience, I was instantly tasked with the SMCLA website update, revamp, facelift, reconstruction.

That job seemed a bit daunting because I love and preach the greatness of WordPress, but I am by no means a code wrangling, Mello-Yello drinking, WordPress developer. I consider myself a full-blown evangelist, but not a coder. However, I knew the benefits of a fresh, updated website since I work with digital concepts everyday and took on the SMCLA website revamp with only slight apprehension coupled with a huge desire to make the site BETTER.

Along with a new look and feel, added functionality was requested by the Board. Being able to post and search for social media and digital marketing jobs was something that the Board felt would be a great value-add to SMCLA members and to others in the marketing community. So, I made it happen.

Turning to the fabulous WordPress community (Gregg Franklin and Adam Silver in particular), I found a WordPress plugin that would enable the ability to upload, search, and manage job listings on the SMCLA website. I’ll give a quick shoutout to the plugin because it is such a great fit for my needs: WP Job Manager. After some valuable information from Gregg and Adam I was able to install the plugin, get it configured for the Club’s website, get it tested, and finally live on the new SMCLA website by the Board imposed deadline. Yay! – because that meant good times and praise from the Board for me.

The site has been live for three weeks at the time of this post and things are going well. Please take a look at the new SMCLA website and dig into the “Jobs” tab. This is where you have the ability to upload a job opportunity and/or search for a social media position. Feel free to explore other areas of the website to learn more about what Social Media Club LA does in the Los Angeles area. And, leave comments about the new site below in the comments or send SMCLA an email.

If you feel that I can help you get a WordPress website updated and functioning the way you need it to, then please feel free to contact me. I thoroughly enjoy all aspects of the Internet and helping others understand how to leverage them too.

LA Traffic Killed My Desire to Drive and Turned Me Onto Metro

I’m a car guy who loves motorsports and almost every aspect of automobiles and mechanized transportation… heck, I fell in love with a BMW before I could even drive. But, LA traffic killed my desire to drive, ever.

Driving something: a tractor, lawn mower, motorcycle, car, truck, whatever, has always been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Now, that has all changed. In the last year I’ve probably driven less than 20 hours total per month. And, in the past 6 months, I drive less than 8 hours per month. That might sound a bit sad coming from a person that absolutely loves cars and the art of driving, but Los Angeles will kill the drive to drive.

LA is a town that loves cars and has a strong, deeply entrenched automotive community. The community encompasses enthusiasts and manufacturers alike. There is a lot of “car stuff” going on here. But, with that, there is the LA TRAFFIC.

LA traffic 405 - Los Angeles, CaNot being a SoCal native, I had NO idea that 8 lanes (in one direction, 16 total lanes) could ever actually stop. The pure volume of vehicles on the road at times makes it impossible or nearly impossible to actually move. I never really had any idea how bad traffic could be until I moved to Los Angeles. There can be traffic jams any time of the day, night, or week, not just the traditional “rush hour” times. These nightmare traffic situations also make it almost impossible to plan accurate arrival times and being late is something that I really don’t like to do… ever.

I figured a work-around for LA traffic

So, hating unexplained LA traffic jams and regularly being late TAP card for Los Angelesto meetings, appointments, dates, etc., I decided to investigate and try another form of transport. Yes, I went with the public transport route and jumped “onboard” with Ⓜ Metro Los Angeles. Trains, buses, and walking have become my new norm for getting from A to B in LA.

Part of the draw is the trains. I am fascinated by them (remember I mentioned liking mechanised transport) and have had a love affair with them since I was a child. MetroLosAngeles makes it possible for me to avoid mind blowing LA traffic, be around trains, and actually get to places pretty much on time.

Don’t get me wrong, my love for cars and motorsports is not dying, but I do appreciate being punctual and not being driven insane by idiotic traffic situations in LA. So, Metro is my go-to option for getting around Los Angeles. I encourage anyone to give it a try regardless of car ownership or apprehensions about using public transport because it is affordable, safe transportation where you don’t have to stress about sitting in traffic and wasting your life away. Plus, they are active in social media and always LIKE or comment on my tweets. Here’s an example:

LA Metro tweet like

Please feel free to comment below with your transportation story.

LYFT is in Los Angeles

Addendum: If I do need to get somewhere that is not public transport accessible or would take years in a public transport commute, then I defer to LYFT (Not Uber) for personalized point-to-point transportation.